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the Nicaraguan surf spots

Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a lifetime of surfing memories, Costa Rica is brimming with world-class surf breaks. And, with a year-round tropical climate and dependable, long distance swells from the Pacific, it’s easy to understand why so many people consider Costa Rica the surfer’s paradise.

The Caribbean Coast

Located along Central America’s east-facing coastline, the Caribbean side of Costa Rica is home to a variety of swell types that lash this area from December to April. Depending on the season and swell size, these waves can range from small to epic.

Witch’s Rock

A veritable surfing paradise, Witch’s Rock (also called Playa Naranjo) is renowned for its golden sands and mountains as well as some of the best tubes and barrels in the country. This beach also offers consistent swells year-round and is one of the most popular Costa Rica surf spots.

Boca Barranca

The left-hand river mouth point break at Boca Barranca surf breaks in costa rica is widely considered one of Costa Rica’s most famous and best surf spots, especially on a larger swell. The wave here, where a river meets the ocean, is known for creating dream-worthy arcing waves that challenge even the most experienced surfer.


For a laid-back vibe, visit the beach town of Tamarindo, which is arguably the best spot in the country for beginners and intermediate surfers. The beach here boasts a wide, white-sand bay and a river mouth that delivers consistent waves year-round.


Located just ten kilometers south of Tamarindo, this spot is one of the best places to catch XXL swells. With five different wave peaks – Little Hawaii, River Mouth, Palo Seco, Lola’s and La Purruja – this surf spot can accommodate all levels of surfers.

Playa Negra

A classic right-hand reef break featured in “The Endless Summer II” movie, this is another favorite for surfers who want a laid back lifestyle and some great tubes to ride all year round. The small tide pools that form along the shore are another highlight of this spot.


Featuring a long stretch of sandy beach and deep blue waters, this is one of the most popular Costa Rica surf breaks for beginners and advanced surfers alike. The waves here are fairly consistent throughout the year, although you can often see a peak in June and September.

Hacienda Pinilla

If you’re looking for a unique beach in Costa Rica, then look no further than Hacienda Pinilla. This beach is situated on a cliff and offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, as well as a few different breaks that offer up fantastic waves.

Mar Azul

Originally founded as a private home, this luxury beachfront resort has become an icon of the Central Coast. Featuring the best surfing in Costa Rica, this private oasis is a destination that’s sure to please any surf lover.


The three-mile-long beach here is known for producing long stretches of mellow waves that are perfect for beginner surfers, and it’s especially beautiful to watch the sunset here.

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