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How to Choose the Best Baby Hats Wool

Soft and Warm

Merino wool is the ideal material to protect your baby’s head during a cold snap. It is finely crimped, does not itch, feels soft and cozy on the delicate skin of your newborn and retains heat extremely well.

It’s also a good idea to select a yarn with enough elasticity to hold its shape, keeping it secure on your little one’s head as they grow. This can be done with a combination of different fibers, or by using a 100% cotton, acrylic, or wool blend.

The best Baby Hats wool are made from a superwash merino wool that has been treated to make it easy on the washing machine. Unlike synthetic fibers, wool does not absorb or retain moisture, so it can be machine washed and dried on a regular basis, or hand washed if necessary.

Stylish and Functional

A nice quality Baby Hats wool will not only keep your little one’s head warm but will also look cool and be fun to wear. A hat with a cute design can help them stand out from the crowd, making them a favorite on those cold days when they’re not wearing their coats.

In addition to a good design, the best hats also have to be practical, which is why they should be machine washable and dryable. Some of the most durable hats are hand knit or crocheted.

GOTS Certified

The most important thing about a baby’s hat is that it is safe for your baby to wear. The GOTS certification ensures that all wool products meet the highest safety standards for organic textiles.

Most GOTS-certified hats have a breathable lining for improved comfort and breathability, so your baby will be happy to wear them.

– It’s the Small Things

When it comes to choosing the best Baby Hats wool, look for the softest and easiest to care for yarn on the market. It’s no secret that new parents are busy, and the last thing you want to do is stress out about a hat that gets lost or dumped in a mud puddle or chewed by the cat.

Most importantly, they are cute and cuddly as can be!

This ribbed hat in a subtle merino wool is the perfect size for a newborn’s head. It has ear flaps that wrap around all the way to the chin and fleece strings that keep the hat in place.

You can also find a number of ribbed hats with ribbon-like ties that can be tied around the chin to keep the hat in place. It’s a great way to add personality to your baby’s wardrobe.

In the words of one of our designers, “it’s all in the details.” The best wool hat for your little one is the one that’s right for them.

Lastly, it should be an organic wool that’s certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This gives you peace of mind knowing the garment you’re about to put your baby into has been made from the best available materials and meets the highest standards for ecological practices.

Top of the line brands such as LANACare, HOCOSA and GEGGAMOJA are making a hat for every season. Their hats are well designed and produced in the utmost ethical manner.

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