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A Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program Prepares Students for a Career in Health

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program prepares students for entry-level positions in the health care industry. It includes a foundation in the scientific and basic sciences as well as in-demand administrative, leadership, and ethical skills. Students can choose between a general or clinical emphasis. After completing the program, they are eligible for graduate studies or can move directly into employment opportunities.

The program is designed around the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice model. This model focuses on teamwork, interprofessional communication, and values. These goals are aligned with the University’s mission to educate students to serve compassionately and lead ethically. Several internship opportunities are available to students, and students are encouraged to participate in one during the school year.

In addition to offering a strong foundation in the scientific and basic sciences, the BAHHS program provides students with a variety of electives that allow them to explore the global context of healthcare. Students are also given a comprehensive base for critical thinking. Some of the electives offered by the program include health and aging, nutrition, and health care organization. Students also have the option of focusing on health assessment, substance abuse education, and children’s health.

As a result, the School of Health Sciences program is dedicated to teaching students to be ethical leaders who are committed to delivering high-quality and evidence-based care. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of student activities, and faculty members are involved in a wide range of research projects.

The Pre-Clinical Track is for students interested in pursuing physical therapy or other related health careers. While in the program, students are required to take two clinical field study experiences, which provide direct exposure to the day-to-day practice of health care. Each semester, they must complete 20 contact hours of health care work, including a health sciences internship course. A thesis is also required in order to graduate.

Graduates of the program are prepared for a career in the pharmaceutical industry, fitness and wellness facilities, or in a wide variety of public and private health care settings. Many graduates are accepted into doctoral programs in medicine, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. Other graduate degree options include a Master of Health Science, a Master of Business Administration, or a Master of Social Work.

In addition to the interdisciplinary curriculum, the program also requires students to complete a six-month co-operative education experience. This brescia health sciences allows students to gain hands-on, real-world experience working in a variety of settings, and it also helps them to hone their clinical and research skills. During the co-op, students are provided with mentoring from renowned local healthcare facilities, and they have the opportunity to network with other health professionals.

While the BAHHS program has a small class size, it is also designed to accommodate a wide variety of schedules. Students can enroll in the program part-time or full-time, depending on their needs. They must complete the prerequisite courses, the advanced core requirements, and 28 credit hours of electives to finish the program.

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