Do You Project OTO’s to Your Website Visitors?

If your answer is “Yes” – OK you win a majority visitors peeping into your site. And your site mints money – no matter what you are offering at your site – a product, service or information for a price. If your answer is “No” – sorry Friend, you are leaving a large heap of money on the table. The power of OTO – One Time Offer – is tremendous. Before going further, some amazing statistics first. Already by mid-2008 the number of Beast Funnels OTO Internet users worldwide has crossed 1.46 Billion. The total amount spent online by these users last year was estimated $170 Billion. The projection for 2010 (just round the corner) is a staggering growth to reach $263 billion.

Who constitute the major online visitor population? You will be amazed to know that although the Americans form a majority population of Internet users – 73.6% – the actual Internet surfers from the US is a mere 17%. The fact is the Internet population growth is astounding in India, China (similar to their national population), Brazil, Russia and Indonesia. The Asian continent is surging ahead (along with Africa and the Middle East countries) in a growing net-world population of 578 Million and growing.

So as an Internet marketer you should be aware of the potential lying before you to grab with both hands. Let us see where OTO comes into this picture. A visitor types the keywords in the Search Engines or the URL of your website to reach you. After perusing your web content, he or she tries to leave your site, without acting upon. The visitor will be gone into the oblivion for ever. Instead, if you could grab the person by pulling attention to your OTO – One Time Offer – which can never be seen again, there is great chance to make business with the visitor.

Human psychology works one way in bargains – irrespective of anything – gender, genre, country or language. If a product or service is direly needed, people are sure to think and grab the opportunity, no matter what, to buy it. While so, offering the same in a best bargain is a sure shot to clinch the deal. That’s how the business community is thriving on “Sale”, “Discount Sale” “Closing Stock Sale” “Festival Season Discount Sale” and “Year-end-clearance Sale” and so on.

As such, OTO templates are certainly revenue boosters for any site. That said – ready-to-use OTO templates are available online to be customizable. Persons who do not own a site can also benefit by selling these templates, to thousands of sites that need them. Make millions through OTO templates. Sundaram is a Certified Expert Author. You can benefit by his online marketing experience to promote your business. The use of OTO at your site is just a tweak made simply, but brings forth enormous profit by increased revenue from your own site amazingly.